Monday, January 26, 2009

Why Malaysians Abroad Didn't Want To Go Home.

I have to admit that this is an article that Malaysian should accept it as an opinion from a person who live abroad from Malaysia.Close your emotions,open your eyes and start reading.

As a person who was born in Malaysia (Kuantan;March 9th 1986),I've spent 14 out of 23 years in Malaysia.In 14 years I spent my life in Malaysia,study or work,versus my experience 4 years in Calgary,Canada,or 6 years in Milan,I can describe why Malaysians abroad always unwillingly to return to a country that deserved to call it home.

Nothing political view here,just want to describe the difference that Malaysians(not just the government,but the people too) must learn from Western society to bring this great Malaysians,going back home.

1.CONSERVATIVE(in a sense of thinking,not politically).

I must admit this is the point that I should start.Perhaps I've been marked as staunch anti-conservative person,always dismiss "the rules that paralyzed the evolution".Malaysians,especially Malays always has thoughts like "if we up against the King,we will received bad omen(tulah)",or "women will always end up her life in kitchen,no matter how far she studied".

In this surrounding,I believe be a young women,you must take care of so called adab.Well,it's okay if we want to uphold our moral,but isn't we women right now,surrounded by bully-lover men?In Eastern society there was a thought that "only men rules" and "good women to shut their mouth".Now,I didn't support Minangkabau matrimonial system either.We want our voice to be listened,too.

And when you're young,even if elder person did wrong,you cannot telling off his/her fault,because it's rude to do such a manner.When I was 5,it was a horny elder guy asking about my small breast.He was saying "I can't see where is your breast..",and I slammed back "I can't see where is your brain,uncle..",yet,I've been slammed as "anak kurang ajar".

So,we live in uncondusive surroundings to develope criticizing mind.We have learn to obey whoever elder than you,and I wonder,"what if the elder did wrong?Should we follow too?"


My dad was working in Petronas during 1997 until 2005.During at that time,according from my dad,none of the meetings or organization didn't relate with "upper hands".Everything must being approved by upper hands,either CEO,company President or even worst,Prime Minister are also involved.

In Western culture,we do egalitarian to discuss and organize an organization.A leader shall not dictate the members from doing their work.A leader should give a chance for organization commitee to work collectively,and find the way to solve problems or create oppurtunities.In my shorter sentence,not everything you have to tell to your boss,as long as it's in a good hands.


These elements creating one issue--cronyism.To survive in pyramidal or hierarchy system,these elements should be used as a weapon of choice.You may receive other competitors,in order to climb up,these three thing should be used to achieve your glory.

When I was 15,I was a prefect in my school.But most prefect I met always love to be "teachers dog".Sometimes I wonder,is this the early teachings of society--to be corrupted and asslicking?Because I always believe ABILITY is key factor to be sucsessful.No wonder the youth leadership in Malaysia,in my opinion,are corrupted--because of early introductions of corruption in school.

I always heard students in universities in Malaysia,love to do this in order for better marks and pass the exams.Some--even worst,offering sex to lecturers for an A.In Canada lecturers and students are professional,no bias and no discrimication.If those thing occured students has right to lodge the report to Minister of Education.This is a serious issue.University is "brain of the nation",you cannot teach students how to be corrupted!


In Malaysia,whether you're on Government or Opposition side,loves to complaint about each other rather than working together.When I was in Malaysia,what I always heard is "BN is always developing,PAS always using religion",and the others saying "BN always corrupted,PAS always been moderate and good listener".Guys,both sides need to work together for people that voted them,not to squarrel each other.Not to play "the game of blame".Not to ping-pong reactions and words.

In Canada this situation only happens when "the Parliament dissolves and campaign begins" until "the Prime Minister has been elected".For exception in current situation where the Opposition led by Liberals asking for no confidence votes because of incompetence Prime Minister to handle economic crisis.

Sometimes ridiculous issues such as "dancing at the podium" like Anwar received from RTM,'s ridiculous.

The best thing is both government and opposition to work each other to handle public response.Opposition needs to critic,but lend their hands to government to solve problems.Arrogant and ignorance government will always falling down.


When I was 16 years old,I've leading Prefect Association to boycott school for a day.It was an issue,because a prefect fainted while in duty,and we asking extra 10 minutes for prefect to recess.Since Chief Prefect is a person with no balls,I led my Association to Dicipline Principal a.k.a. The School Fuhrer (Fuhrer is Hitler rank),to meet Head Teacher to discuss our recess period to be extended in 10 minutes.The School Fuhrer however--rejected and refused to do so--because it's a rule that students should obey.

In my speech with Prefect Association,I stated,"We are the ones who sacrifice ourselves to keep our school in peace.We are the ones who responsible if any losses in class during recess,and we are the ones who sacrifice our time to study and enjoy our teenager life into stupid so called motivation camp,and we are the ones also being disgraced by our peers by calling us "the teacher's dogs".Now,after we became such a loyalty dogs,we've been spitted to our faces,by an ego of lousy dictator Dicipline Principal.I don't want to be a reformer,but I just want justice."

We all agreed to boycott the school whole day tomorrow.55 out of 60 prefects joining me and leaving "bodek prefect" to control the menace school.

The next day I've been fired by Principal by teaching all prefect to revolt--but my day has been celebrated,and the fainted prefect that I fought for stepping down as prefect.The rest want to follow--some may not--but in the end,after a serious discussion with Head Master,finally our demand of extra 10 minutes granted,and I got the job back.However,I refused to accept it.

Rigidity in school society led to rigidity in universities,and led to the whole society.These rigidity is the one why I despise Malaysian educational system.

Now,for lucky people who afford to go abroad,like me,has learnt that the system in West are far far better organized than in Malaysia.That's why I challenged universities student like Nami or Deniel to reform your universities.I've read some articles about Student Power Movement,and I'm glad people like Nami and Deniel dare to challenge these rigidity in their respective universities.

If diplomatic and words cannot be tolerated,by there will be one way--FIGHT.

If all of you can manage to eliminate these ridiculous systems,I bet you,people with flock to back home,and build our nation--Malaysia--to the greatest.

"It has to start somewhere It has to start sometime,What better place than here, what better time than now?"-Rage Against The Machine,Guerilla Radio.


Christina Rivera said...

"We Are The One" speech is very inspirational.Very radical speech Ez!

That's why we socialist movement always fight for equality and against hegemonies.Hegemony has been taught since school--the way capitalist bastards to control your children mindset.

Ahmad said...

Janganlah anda sesedap mulut menghina universiti kami di tahap sebagaimana yang anda sangka.

Anda tidak layak bercakap begitu sebab orang seperti anda memang tidak layak mendapat tempat untuk belajar di universiti di sini.

Memang universiti kami belum dapat menandingi Harvard atau Oxford tapi jangan jadikan kekurangan yang terdapat dalam universiti kami supaya kamu terus memandang rendah, memperlekeh mentaliti masyarakat Malaysia.

Kita ni manusia sama saja di sisi Allah. Cermin diri kamu dahulu sebelum kamu mengkritik universiti di Malaysia.

Dr.Ahmad Izham,PhD
Pensyarah kanan,
Fakulti Kepimpinan & Pengurusan,
Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia

Nobody Perfect said...

Wah Ezrin bunyi macam marah je. Ezrin be cool sis.

Don`t angry-angry k I hope I can imagine your smile in my mind so I can sleep well after this.

You got more point but please be patient okey

nami o fish said...

huhu Ahmad control sikit emotional tu..relax2..huhu!!

dia ni memang rebel sikit Ahmad..

Ez the Conspirator said...

I don't give a damn whether you're PhD or whoever you are.Opinion is opinion,no one could ever change my opinion.

I'm asking you my friend,you're Pensyarah Kanan Fakulti Kepimpinan dan Pengurusan,how can you manage and lead,if you can't manage your own emotion?

Cara you cakap ni bukan macam orang PhD la..

Anda tidak layak bercakap begitu sebab orang seperti anda memang tidak layak mendapat tempat untuk belajar di universiti di sini.

Kita ni manusia sama saja di sisi Allah. Cermin diri kamu dahulu sebelum kamu mengkritik universiti di Malaysia.

Kalau lah manusia ni sama saja di sisi Allah,as you speak,kenapa you ada authority boleh decide yang I tak layak nak comment about me?Because you ada PhD? punk rock Bad Religion tu semua ada PhD tau.Zach de la Rocha penyanyi rock tu pun ada PhD.

Kalau you tak boleh terima opinion orang yang dah experience sendiri education system in Malaysia and abroad,then you tak payah la show off jawatan you as Pensyarah Kanan tu.

Before you teach your student to lead and manage,you should lead and manage your emotion first.

Terimalah pandangan orang.Bukan susah sangat pun.Kalau dalam board meeting pun ada dengar pendapat pro kontra.Bukan susah sangat.

I okay je kalau you boleh keluarkan opinion you,dengan hujah-hujah you.

I bukan Harvey or Oxford student pun,I'm just from University of Calgary,not even the best in Canada pun.

Tapi even kalau pendapat dari makcik cleaner sekalipun,you kena dengar jugak pendapat they all,barulah you boleh buat kerja untuk mengurus dan memimpin.Macam mana you nak memimpin kalau tak tau suara orang bawah?

Even kalau I ada PhD sekalipun,I won't telling anyone yang I ada PhD.Why,because quoted from you,kita manusia ni sama saja di sisi Allah.

Don't act you're a tough guy with me,okay?

Ez the Conspirator said...

...lain la kalau kat Malaysia,memimpin dan mengurus diajar dengan cara diktator.

Tak payah la dengar pendapat orang lain,pemimpin dah pandai..

Very contradict la your statement ni bro.Kejap kata sama disisi Allah,tapi nak show off lagi PhD you tu.

Vanguard said...

Way to go…well said!!
Dun worry what others say, orang muda mesti semangat orang muda..kan..hehe…

Would just like to humbly sum up the points written…
First paragraph refers to dogma or dogmatic values, feudalistic, the so called asian culture where the young must always respect the old….

Second paragraph of course means the condition here is undemocratic…what we want is bottom-up decision making, not top-down decision making…in malaysia the latter prevails…

Paragraph three, because there’s no meritocracy...

Paragraph four, there’s this “toe the line” policy…extremely absurd…only thing is I see that the opposition are more inclined to decide based on issues not on party allegiance

Paragraph five, radicalism here is sorely lacking….radicalism and enquiry is the catalyst of civilisational progress… “if the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope in it” is a very profound phrase……

At the end of the day, we have to be brave enough to acknowledged that these shortcomings do occur here…not to always be in self denial….that’s the first step for change…and change I strongly believe, is inevitable…

Keep up the rebellion!! The future is for the young…

Deniel Ahmad said...
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Deniel Ahmad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deniel Ahmad said...

tak sempat aku nak ulas panjang ..nnt ada masa aku ulas.

tp bila dibaca sekali imbas , (baca tanpa fikir analisis & anlitikal) iaitu tanpa rasa NASIONALISME kpd malaysia confirm akan bersetuju sedikit sebnyk dgn PANDANGAN ez ni..

bg aku mcm nilah jerlah..kalau yang ditulis ni betul kita perlu fikir balik dan buat perubahan..bagi aku secara peribadi masalah sebab2 yang dikatakan itu ada juga benarnya,,dan bagi aku itu tidak penting, yang paling penting MASYRAKAT malaysia sedang dan akan terus merubah segala sampah,habuk dan cacat cela yg ada sblm ini..

bagi aku pula secara peribadi, kalau ez or sesiapa tak nak balik malaysia atas sbb ini aku kira itu bukan 'alasan' terbaik..apa kata u all semua yg diluar negar tu, n pasti nmpk segala masalah dan kehancuran masyrakat ini pulang dan kita sama2 cuba slesaikan masalah ini..Ini lagi baik kan..Kita sama3 berusaha untuk atasi..

untuk ez kalau anda boleh membantu malaysia dlm melenyapkan semua masalah ini, saya kira itu adlh yg terbaik..sama2 kita berubah untuk generasi akn datang..:)