Friday, November 7, 2008

Green and White Kopiah Mullah Guys--Disturbance of Opposition in Malaysia?

After viewing current situation in Malaysia,we have seeing the political waves of oppositions attacking current government,Barisan Nasional.However,despite overwhelming acceptance of public with new alliance of opposition--the Pakatan Rakyat,it's seems not working for all three components of Pakatan Rakyat-Pas,DAP and PKR.

We all know that Pas stronghold in majority Malay areas like in Kelantan,and some areas of Kedah and Terengganu,while DAP concentrated at urban areas like KL,Penang and Ipoh.While PKR rules in suburban areas,in Klang Valley expansion,and "not-so-town yet not-so-rural" area in Perak,Negeri Sembilan or Permatang Pauh.

In politics we should know about this,liberal will always against conservatives.It's like Celtic and Rangers,Man United and Liverpool,Red Sox and Yankees,Jedi and Sith.Democrat and Republican.

We all know that Pas is the main Islamist ultra-conservative in Malaysia,far right wing,while PKR with centrism ideas of banishing affirmative action or DEB,while DAP with social democracy the central-left wing,while PSM(Socialist Party of Malaysia),is obviously far-left.You can't combine all of this,as one party.

Is like bringing AC/DC,LL Cool J and SM Salim into one concert.Oh yeah,plus Paris Hilton and Raihan concert at one time.

Pakatan Rakyat is not a right pact,for me.At first,I've viewed it as the pact which want to against Barisan Nasional in election.After that,that's it folks.

When DAP fight with all Malay just because of signboard,and UMNO bring some clowns to court to contest that act,it makes me wonder--at the end of the day,is that all politician in Malaysia has nothing doing rather than fight each other?

As the aspiration of the people,Pakatan Rakyat should reflects by it's name-Rakyat or people in Malay.Pakatan Rakyat should do what rakyat wants.Not by using sentiments and ideology that they fight for.

And I put all of this problem to green and white party,the mullah party,the "pakcik kopiah yang suka cakap kuat-kuat dalam ceramah" party.PAS is the culprit in this disturbance.Hate it or love it,it's the true thing.

PAS has consistently fought with PKR and DAP about differences.PAS has consistently want to protect it's own policy in the name of Islam.PAS has consistently want affirmative action will continue to protect Malay and Islam.

It's the right time to talk universalism.We should respect other religion as same as Islam--not to join other religion,but to respect it.The good of secularism is,politician won't uses religion as the sake for their political agenda.

PAS should act moderately.PAS should deposed all of it's "pakcik kopiah yang suka cakap kuat-kuat dalam ceramah".PAS should be more universal if want to be government next election.

Religion does not generates hate,but these people,these mullah guys,these "pakcik kopiah suka cakap kuat-kuat dalam ceramah",always been viewed,as irritating,among non Muslims,and some of moderate Muslim in Malaysia.

If you want to keep survive in the next election,throw Nik Aziz,throw Hadi Awang,throw Mohamad Sabu.Be more liberal,and more moderate.After all,Islam supports wasatiah-moderation.

p/s:I simply don't hate kopiah,I hate hypocrite.


Mata Rakyat said...

Mereka harus ikut Islam 100% tak kira Umno,Pas, KeADILan asalkan Islam. Penulis kini sudah berkecuali antara mereka, dan mengharap mereka berubah mengikut Islam 100 %.Sebabkan mereka Islam dan majoriti, mereka wajib ikut 100% Islam kalau nak selamat dunia akhirat

keadilan said...

Ezreen cuba awak ceritakan dengan detail peristiwa yang menyebabkan awak marah dengan PAS ni.


cik ezreen, aku tak cukup page nak coment kat sini, so aku guna front page yer =)