Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Achik Elly(19.04.87-08.07.07)


Tonight angah,along and abah has pray for you. We all recite Yasin and pray for your happiness.Abah told me,that you will be forever regarded if I stay this way.I know I should forgive myself,maybe I'm too emotional about it,maybe after what I've done to you.


My life won't be easy without you.Once for a while,I keep thinking of you,glooming with my sins towards you,and i once said "life is better without you",indeed,it was.


Before you gone,I saw myself as arrogant,selfish,ungrateful and always degrades people surrounds me. It's like build the tall wall so no one could invade my kingdom,but in the end it was no one inside it. It's empty.


You're the one who has be patient towards my arrogant act. No matter what I've done,you still smiles at me. In your diary,you've wrote that I'm as your "greatest sister in the world",although I believe I never done anything good for you.I always make you cry,I always degrade you,I always cursing you.Achik,I just want you to know that no matter what,you are the best friend I ever had,the best sister I ever had,and life without you are miseryly empty,but like abah told me,life must carry on.
I miss you,Achik.


Mata Rakyat said...

Walaupun sudah bertahun berlalu, tapi masih tak lambat saya ucapkan takziah kepada keluarga awak. Yang pergi biarkan dia mengharungi damai abadi.

Kita yang hidup teruskan perjuangan mencapai cita-cita yang belum dicapai.

rainingheaven said...

i miss elly too