Friday, October 17, 2008

W:George W. Bush farewell movie?

By E the Prototype Robot.

He might be "the most hateful person on Earth".

He might be grade C college student idiot.

But he is the most powerful man on Earth.

Meet George W Bush,The President of United States.

For lovers or haters,Democrat or Republican,this movie represents determination(for me),although his political and point of view are definitely different with me.He was an alcoholic bum,a guy that always lost with sex and booze,became strong and to be the most powerful person on Earth.

Such a guy.

I've watched this movie at the moment his apperentice of his neo-con movement,Stephen Harper won Canadian election,while his Republican friend John McCain debate with Barack Obama on that day.

I creditted George W Bush as "real-deal man" after watching this movie.I won't vote for him for a thousand years of course--but I salute his bravery to wake up,from lazy bum,to create history of the world.The way he handled September 11th,well,the rest of the world disagrees,but he is keep and determine to keep America save.

Well,the New York Post published excerpts from an early draft of the script. The column, written by Cindy Adams, stated “Pro-Bushies will hate it, antis will love it.”

Stone has described the structure of W. as a three-act film starting with Bush as a young man "with a missed life", followed by his transformation and "an assertion of will which was amazingly powerful" as he came out from his father's shadow, and finally his invasion of Iraq.

I credit this movie,as the best movie I ever watched--alongside Star Wars,Syriana,and Spy Game.

Watch that movie.You'll be inspired by him--at least to be sucsessful.


Aril Cantona said...

George W Bush,pakar perang anda.

razor said...

so, ada bran ke buat farewell film untuk m'sian punya pm? heh..

tapi tak nak la letak A je..nanti para pengkritik filem yang ngok susah nak tangkap.





Aguero de Estrella Roja said...

Inspired by George W Bush?
hahaha..better been inspired by Khairy Jamaluddin hahahaha!!

From oversea graduate,in just 5 years to be the richest youngling in Malaysia.


Put the title "K".

E the Prototype Robot said...


hik hik!

nami nanti you jadi director,you buat la cerita tu.

K.hik hik!

Mata Rakyat said...

Orang Amerika ni suka buat propaganda dalam filem keluaran negara tersebut demi mengangkat Amerika sendiri. Tapi di Malaysia media yang angkat tapi orang tempatan saja tengok.

This American is like make propaganda in the film uplifting when stated national product America itself. But in Malaysia the media adopt but merely local person see.